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Wanted Polypropylene homo or co-polymerMfi. 10-25 Color red, yellow green, natural Regrind no black Destination Orlando, FL


wide spec in TN PP, virgin prime / clean pellets has filler either talc, calcium, mineral


wide spec in TN PP, virgin prime / clean pellets  has glass 


load 4 black PP regrind glass filled 20% in TN


load 5 pp plates in Houston 


load 6 pe bags baled 


load 7 pvc regrind extrusion 

PP Profax 7823 COPP black regrind PP has rubber smell from hose extruder

PP Regrind 80 melt Pinnacle 6180C3  or 80 melt Esenttia 80R90C .TX 

PP 20 MF Repro specs are 15-25 melt flow and 1.5-2.5 izod density less than .950

PP 30 MF Repro specs are 27-35 melt flow and  1.5-2.5 izod density less than .950

 PP TALC FILLED  42,749   in NM 

G PP BUMPER  18,859   in NM

 68,808   in NM

PP 106000 lbs natural copolymer hivai 8812 10-14 melt 3.6 izod in Gaylord Boxes 

PP 148,000 lbs prime pellets Natural copolymer Hiviaa 2612NB 12 melt no break izod in Gaylord boxes 

HDPE MFI 1.2 1.8g/10/min density .945if reprocessed this material has a foaming agent "SF" density. Cannot be established due gas from foaming agent. 

HDPE repro melt .o5 density .9555 5 loads a week 


 HDPE mfi 1.2-1.6 g/10min. density .950 g/cm mixed colors

HDPE green i 1.2-1.6 g/10min. density .950 g/cm


hdpe jugs color baled


Hdpe ldpe mixed bale 42000

 plastic 3-7 baled 

plastic films ldpe plastic bags baled

plastic bottles baled 

TPO Regrinds specs range from 15-25 melt flow and 5-8 izod Density .985-1.00 Ash% 12.0-16.0

TPO Repro specs are same as the regrind.

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